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Monday, September 25, 2006

"Immigration Reform for Dummies"

Ruben Navarette, a syndicated columnist, member of the San Diego Union-Tribune editorial board and editorial writer at CNN.com calls the Republicans 10 enforcement measures, "Immigration Reform for Dummies."

I get the sense that he doesn't support them. According to Navarette they just caught a glance at the calendar and realized they had better do something; odd that Democrats aren't doing the same type of thing.

At CNN.com Navarette says:

"So they hurriedly cobbled together a slate of 10 enforcement measures, as if the immigration problem could be fixed with spit and glue."
10 measures consisting of no more than "spit and glue," sounds more appropriate to "comprehensive" reform, especially since if it had passed there would be less border/illegal immigration discussion; so we and our elected could all go back to sleep for a few more years on this issue.

The fence won't work according to Navarette because:
"First, as any border patrol agent will tell you, there's no fence that can keep out someone who is desperate to feed his family and who's willing to go around, go over, or go under."
The quote isn't that different than the defeatist attitude of Arizona governor Janet Napolitano's recent comment:
"You show me a 50-foot wall and I'll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border."
To which I say, you show me a 50 foot wall and I'll show you someone trying to enter the country illegally while hampered by a 51 foot ladder.

The quote above attempts to point out how the fence won't work, and that people wanting to come here still will if their desperate enough. According to Navarette these steps are all the Republicans will be taking in the quest for immigration reform, or at least would like readers to believe it. Hey Ruben, that's the idea. Nothing alone will resolve the dillemma....

Additionally according to Navarette:
Next, every time we crack down on the border, it enhances the bottom line for these multimillion-dollar smuggling outfits. Whereas it used to cost about $500 to cross the border, now the price is closer to $3,000. If we build more walls, the smugglers will raise prices again. That's bad. It creates an incentive for smugglers to stay in business since business is so good
Incentive for smugglers? Would they easily get 10 customers at $3K a head or more so at $500 per head? Eventually the price would become too high, no? 3 grand? Do they have $3 grand? If so, perhaps they're not as bad off as they thought. Every step we take on immigration reform or anything else for that matter has it's own side effects; with the exception I guess of Navarette's plan, right?

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