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Friday, October 13, 2006

Legal or Illegal, that's the Question

I don't speak Spanish. I speak English. Fine, don't try to read anything Spanish; no problem. However, I do have a problem reading English and understanding what is being reported, if the media does not term something correctly.

Is this article a case of laziness or intentional? Has the L.A. Times finally made the full crossover from referring to "illegal immigrants" as just "immigrants?" I don't know. But I should be able to read an article and know for sure by the end of it. Am I missing something?

I'm definately being a little simple minded here, but the concern is real.

The L.A. Times says:

"Though it goes against the conventional wisdom of anti-illegal immigration supporters, those who enroll the poor in the federal food stamp program say they've struggled for years to get immigrant Latino families signed up.

Now a Spanish-language news report and television ad campaign have spurred thousands of immigrants in Orange County over the last several weeks to contact a nonprofit organization that offers a Spanish-language class called "Food Stamps in Four Hours."
Normally, perhaps in a different environment/era, I wouldn't wonder whether the "struggle" to reach Latino families included all regardless of status or whether these were "legal" immigrants they are referring to.

Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen told the L.A. Times:
(These immigrants and their children) "should only be given life-saving medical care."

"If we encourage illegal alien families to come forward and exploit the … system, aren't we encouraging more illegal immigration? We have to cut these benefits off."
That's a good question, as it strikes me that this is one of those opportunities for muddying the system further.

The Community Action Partnership's outreach coordinator, Alfonso Chavez said:
"The Mexican man is macho. He doesn't want to come to this country and beg. I tell them this is a program that will help the children. The kids are American-born, and they have a right to this program."
What kids are "American-born?" Who is Mr. Chavez referring to? Is he one of those people that feels it's a "right" for everyone regardless of status?

Mexican Consul Luis Miguel Ortiz Haro, who appeared in the PSA on KMEX channel 34 said:
"This program is not welfare. It won't affect your immigration status. The program is a right, and if we don't use it, it's a privilege that will pass you by."
Who is "we?" Is this a privilege and a right for all regardless of status?

Maybe everyone the article is referring to is a legal immigrant/citizen, but who knows for sure beyond the author and those involved and that's the problem.

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