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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Elvira Arellano's Kid Saul is in Mexico

The LA Times brings us up to speed on the Arellano :

"Seven-year-old Saul Arellano fidgeted with his lucha libre wrestling toys Tuesday as he walked through the halls of Mexico's Congress. Alongside him was the small retinue of U.S. activists who have helped make him a cause celebre of the immigration debate on both sides of the border."

"The shy but persuasive U.S.-born son of a Mexican immigrant told his story to legislators in spare, American-accented Spanish."
Shy, but persuasive for no other reason than he is a cute kid and Mexican politicians need to keep their economic plan up and running via the border.

While south of the border, Saul was interviewed on Mexican TV. Among the questions asked was "How did you learn Spanish?" His reply, "I don't know." Hey, I know; his mom enter the country illegally five or so years ago, was deported (though the LA Times doesn't mention this would be her second deportation), then re-entered illegally again. He speaks Spanish because his "illegal" mother hasn't found the time to learn english in the country she has decided to make her home. A place to call home illegally, live in illegally, and take full advantage of it's laws to manipulate her offense into an offense by the U.S. instead.

Elvira, poor Elvira who is still holed up in a storefront church in Chicago said:
"This is a fight we won't give up on," Elvira, a 31-year-old single mother, said in Spanish. "My son is an American citizen, and he deserves to have his mother by his side."
Isn't it ironic that this "unjust" fight Elvira and her son must fight came into fruition because of her actions? Isn't it odd that since her son is an "American citizen" he deserves "to have his mother by his side?" This even though she played illegally with the system. Hey, it's his right and he deserves to be with his mother, just not here....problem solved.

Doesn't little Saulito (Spanish for Saul. I'm bilingual now I guess, maybe I'll sneak on into Mexico for work), deserve a father as well? Can we do something about that too? Can we maybe set you up with a house and maybe find some spare social security numbers she could use until one works?

When quoting from articles I usually remove descriptions or she said, he said language so as to quote the quote. In this instance I've chosen to keep it intact so as to make the additional point the paper felt was necessary and likely to pull on heart strings more. Hey, she's a "single mother" too.

I would imagine this is yet another black mark upon those of us in support of respecting the law; now we're against single moms too.

Here' Elvira again, illustrating how good a girl she has been since holing up:
"I could have run, taken Saulito to another town, found another Social Security number and another job. I got tired of running and hiding. I wanted a better life for us, even if it meant that we'd both have to make sacrifices."
Can you imagine a lawbreaker claiming they could have done more illegally, yet didn't, so now they somehow deserve a fairer shake? Elvira doesn't have any qualms about breaking our laws continuously; I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't run further due to the advice given by one of her supporters. Advice that said it would look real bad if she violated the law again while under the medias selective microscope.

She was and is willing to make sacrifices; though only the ones that get her what she wants, not one say, that includes leaving the U.S.

Finally, there is this:
"The pressure has taken its toll on her son, she said. Saulito has broken out in hives from stress and is seeing a therapist once a week to deal with nightmares of his mother being dragged out of the church."

'"Some people have said I'm asking too much of Saulito. But he wants to do this. He wants to fight this as much as I do."'
Who shoved poor Elvira into the church that haunts the dreams of her dear, sweet little Saulito (there I go again)? Who has put him into this position of such stress? Who likely had the child to take advantage of a misconstrued amendment to our Constitution and is using him as the tool originally intended? If one asked Elvira, the answer would likely be that we, the "anti-immigrant, single mother hating" supporters of immigration law enforcement would be that bad guy. Elvira has done nothing wrong...she has only tried to do what is best for her, oh yeah and Saul.

As I type my thoughts on the subject into this post I can't help but feel that I am being a cold hearted, thoughtless bastard. To those that see no issue with breaking our laws and rewarding it, I am a cold hearted, thoughtless, racist, anti-immigrant hatemongering Conservative. I'm none of those things - I just cannot stand the illogic of the entire saga of Elvira, Saul and all those that feel they deserve something or have some right that they don't. They were wrong to do what they did and it's our fault that they did it.

Stik is at it again...this guy doesn't sleep..."Who Runs This Country...."

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