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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nancy Pelosi Deserves Credit for the Hard Decision regarding Hastings

This is some big news....according to an editorial in the Daily and Sunday Review:

"Give Nancy Pelosi credit for good judgment as well as courage for refusing to appoint U.S. Rep. Alcee L. Hastings, a Florida Democrat, as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee."

"The New York Times reported on Wednesday: “The decision by Mrs. Pelosi, the incoming speaker, ended weeks of speculation over whether she would tap Mr. Hastings, tainted by an old bribery scandal, for one of the most sensitive chairmanships when the Democrats take control of Congress in January."
Weeks of speculation? Yes, this is true, it was weeks of speculation. Shouldn't she be given credit if she had done this sooner? I know, I know....the Righties like me come out of the woodwork to bemoan anything San Fran Nan does. But "corruption" or should I call it "Republican Corruption," since this was/is the only kind of "corruption" that ever concerns Democrats was one of the Dems talking points.

What was so tough and deserving of credit? As much as the Left would have it, there is only corruption on the Right; this is untrue and anyone believing it should just continue voting Left, you're a lost cause. Nancy took the time to decide whether or not this would bite her/them in the *ss if she allowed Hastings the position. If she can't take the high road this early on or takes as long as she did to decide this issue we can expect to sit back and watch even more idiocy from the Democratic leadership (note the lowercase "l").

Nancy and the rest will need to rework everything now when they approach it because nothing is as the Dems have been saying it is over the past years. Iraq as an example:

It's all wrong, Bush lied, blood for oil, withdraw date etc.. They did this instead of formulating anything real and useful. So now they're faced with what to do and they have never really given it any thought beyond soundbytes and misinformation. They've been biding their time, hoping/betting/knowing they had some time to screw with; but the bet was against us, the American people.

Nancy Pelosi doesn't deserve any credit for a "no-brainer" like this; she deserves a dressing down for taking so long to make the obvious decision....obvious to someone honest anyway.
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