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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ripa, Richards, Rosie, Aiken and Sharpton

Gee, old and unimportant news but here are my thoughts valued at $.02; ultimately, nothing involving these people of late is of any importance.

Michael Richards tirade on stage last Friday was big in the news; this because he used the "N" word and called black hecklers in his audience "Ns." Nasty language, un-nice thoughts and it's news because no one has ever used that type of language before.

I'm in no way defending his actions, but how thin skinned are we all these days that something like this becomes national news. Are these particular audience members now the new poster children for "victimhood?"

Richards apologized on the David Letterman show, which isn't good enough for the Reverend Al Sharpton. I unfortunately have to quote from memory as I have been unable to find anything about his remarks in print. Sharpton claimed the apology didn't cut it because Letterman is a white show, on a white network.....

Al didn't use any racial epithets, but if so many can be offended by Richards remarks, shouldn't I and/or others be offended by the prism with which Sharpton looks at the world? Aren't his remarks a little bit off-color (pun intended)?

Kelly Ripa on her show that she hosts with Regis Philbin had Clay Aiken on as a guest host. Kelly, as usual is flapping her gums and Aiken jokingly covers her mouth to try to get a question in. Ripa, was bothered by this and said something to the effect of "don't put your hand over my mouth, germs....."

Rosie was offended by this and remarked on "The View," that this was in so many words a "homophobic act." Rosie twisted with the best of them when Ripa called in to the show to take Rosie to the mat, when Rosie said she didn't use or say that it was homophobic.

Is Clay Aiken gay? He sure seems it, but I guess he hasn't stepped on out of the virtual closet. So I guess he just seems gay. O'Donnel has said a number of controversial things since becoming a host on "The View," so this is nothing new.

Should anything that ever comes out of her mouth be taken as true, worthwhile or relevant? I don't think so. She's a comedienne (hope that's not too sexist using the feminine form of the word comedian) and not a very good one at that, more of an entertainer I guess. What kind of prism does she view the world through if the Ripa/Aiken thing meant what it did to her?

She is a prime example of, when Hollywood speaks don't listen, unless it is part of a movies script.

Meanwhile, Christian leaders in Lebanon are assasinated, Christians are beheaded in Indonesia and Imams stand up in a plane and say prayers, get put on the no fly list and are the latest "victims" in what they see as the "war against moslems."

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