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Friday, December 15, 2006

4 Months in a church and Chunking up - Where in the World is Elvira?

"I'm here and here I'll stay until the government reforms laws that tear families apart." - Elvira Arellano (oddly enough spoken in Spanish)
Elvira Arellano, "immigrant rights activist" has sent the prodigal son out again; this time to Miami to join the protest against the Swift & Co. raid that netted 1,300 "undocumented" workers.

The Chicago Sun-Times reporter responsible for the article, Esther J. Cepeda just reports it like it is with quotes such as:
"Arellano spoke of the pain of separation Thursday afternoon, hours after sending her ambassador to the world -- her 7-year-old son, Saul -- on his fifth trip to spread her word."
Do you envision the halo about her head? The heck with who "Jesus would deport," who would the leader of the church of Elvira deport?

The paper further reports:
"In the last four months Arellano herself has missed her son's parent-teacher conferences, the opening of Mel Gibson's film ''Apocalypto,'' and has gained 10 pounds from being limited to her small apartment above the church."
This is the type of horrifying, grueling existence is what one lives in this country if found to be here illegally or I guess undocumentedly. Possible for sure, but I don't know that I believe that she attended "parent-teacher" conferences prior to the ones she's missed in the past 4 months.

As the leader of the Church of Elvira, Elvira herself said..."she's here to stay" until we fix what's broken. What if she doesn't like how we fix it? Do we keep trying until she's satisfied?
Christi at CommonSenseAmerica has some "interesting statements from illegal alien communities" in reaction to the Swift raid, with "Here We Go - Threats, Innuendos, And Murder." You'll be appalled.
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