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Thursday, December 28, 2006

DeMediacratic Nation is now powered by NEO

Just wanted to share my new template with anyone that might care. "Neo Powers DeMediacratic Nation," (I stand by the post, with the exception of one of my aliases being used).

Late last week I received an e-mail from my subscription for the Hackosphere. The post bragged of a template, by the name of Neo being available now.

Here is the basic gist. Your page loads once, with all your blogrolls, images, etc., nothing new here. The kicker is that, if someone wants to read one of my recent posts (which are listed in the column to the left of this post) and clicks on the post name link; the post is up in the blink of an eye. Give it a try by clicking on any of the posts listed. This is because the entire blog does not reload again....only the post. This was a plus for my blog as it loads very slowly (thanks to my image fetish).

Neo, however, wasn't the end all for speeding up my site though. Even though I hated to, I removed a substantial amount of the images that were present. It seriously flies now.

I obviously have a few things to tinker with and will in time. Beyond that, the "Mad Scientist," Ramani, the man behind Hackosphere and Neo, went to many lengths to assist the blind (me) in tweaking the template. I sent him my template and he sent it back Neo-fied, Neo-fantastic, Neo-ingenious.....whatever you want to call it, I'm extremely pleased.

About the only issue I have, if it can be described as an issue; Ramani was/is all about getting it done. The only reason this transition took a few days is because I didn't have time to address it.

Be sure to pay a visit to the Hackosphere, if not for Neo, then for the hacks.

Now, back to posting.....


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