"How did it come to pass that an opposition's measure of a president's foreign policy was all or nothing, success or "failure"? The answer is that the political absolutism now normal in Washington arrived at the moment--Nov. 7, 2000--that our politics subordinated even a war against terror to seizing the office of the presidency." - Daniel Henninger - WSJ 11/18/05
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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Iranian Evil

According to IRNA:

"President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Monday said that access to nuclear technology will turn Iran into a powerful and model country in the region."
"Given their failure in the face of the Iranian nation, the enemies intend to sow the seed of discord among Iranians. Resistance to access nuclear energy will improve our economy."
Ahmadinejad talks the big talk and within that talk is the threat or resistance constructed by Ahmadinejad and the clerics. Ahmadinejad and the clerics can huff and puff all they want because they know we will not address Iran militarily; which is more of an international appearance problem more than anything else.

If the U.S. dealt with Iran more aggressively, Momo (as I like to call him) might find that his "resistance" isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Supporting democracy in Iran is one of the overt steps we should take with this bully; supporting democracy won't be that easy either. To think that support for democratic movements would be straightforward and easy ignores the militias put into action in Iraq by Iran. A democracy movement or any movement in Iran for that matter would face determined obstruction from many different voices and unfortunately violent actions.

T over at Rightwing Guy has a few choice words summing up his impression of Momo and Iran here - "The Iranian Evil"


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