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Friday, December 01, 2006

Jesse and the "N" word - 1984

According to Playfuls.com:

Rev. Jesse Jackson will meet with TV and film executives to discuss banning the use of derogatory expressions in the entertainment industry. "We want to give our ancestors a Christmas present," he said. Asked about free-speech issues, Jackson said the word is "unprotected."
Two concerns:

"unprotected" let's see how far reaching a step like this is. Beginning with the "N" word and then spreading like wildfire as though it was the AIDS epidemic.

Is Christmas the appropriate holiday or is Kwanza more accurate?

To me, the "N" word is not all that pleasant, nor is it "color-coded;" although Websters definition does attribute color to the word as history has.

Isn't it about time that this word had nothing to do with a person's skin color? With each use, words like this tend to lose their meaning, and it obviously does not hold it's derogatory meaning to those people of color/colored/black/negro/African Americans as it has in the past; that is unless a honky utters it.

I'm tired of not being some type of color. I'm tired of only being an "American" and not a hyphenated one. A Person of color or person lacking color (such as myself, I'm translucent), should be categorized under this term if they are actually worthy of being called it. I won't be using it anytime soon because I don't care for it, but a word is not an underlying racism that is rampant in this country.

People like Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al are the overt practictioners of an underlying racism in this country. They bring calls of racism to the surface where none may exist, but it keeps them in work. These types of leaders have done very little to move minorities cause any further than Rev. Martin Luther King, jr. got it or pushed it. These men ride on his coattails, as though they are these great men. But since Kings assassination have proven they have no idea what they are talking about, because racism has not changed for them as it has for so many. They're still fighting for the right to vote.

It's a changed world, they need to step up to the plate and address any of the issues as they exist today, not yesterday.

Where's Cindy Sheehan when Jesse needs her, he was there for her?

And this boycott of Seinfeld? It smacks of anti-semitism, ain't Seinfeld Jewish? Can anyone give me directions to Himey Town?


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