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Friday, December 01, 2006

The New Iraqi Army

Rightwing Guy has an interesting post about the new Iraqi army and peoples expectations being too high with regard to the speed of getting an army up and running.

To me, when people bitch about this and/or you hear the usual refrain 'you can't change a 1,000 year old mindset/country overnight' I often think of all people, they should know better than, but they never do. So much of what is said about Iraq seems more poised as a means of making us lose interest in completing the objective or what it is even all about.

Rightwing Guy likes to clarify it for those of us that are impatient.

From Rightwing Guy:

In March 2003 the United States armed forces along with coalition forces proceeded with the utter destruction of Saddam's military forces and infrastructure.

We took out top leadership in the regime, as well as all the military vehicles and tanks and any other armored vehicle that dared to confront our military.

People wonder why the Iraqi army hasn't taken all of the fight on need to remember a few little things. First we are building an army from nothing, no leadership, and very little equipment, along with tanks and armored personnel carriers or APC's.

Building an entire army takes time and patience, especially as these men have to battle the insurgency at the same time while learning the basic battlefield tactics and weaponry.
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