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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Iraqi Police Force Progress Report - BLUF - Amy Proctor

Amy Proctor at "Bottom Line Up Front," has a post today with a positive progress report on the Iraqi police force. Before the msm has an opportunity to ignore this tidbit of reality or twist it as an example of defeat, I thought I would assist in passing it around.

From Bottom Line Up Front:

Bottom Line Up Front: Critics of the war policy in Iraq like to say Iraqis just don't want democracy badly enough, but progress in the Iraqi police force shows just how wrong those critics are.

For decades, Iraqis have been brutalized by a police force they were unable to trust, but with the fall and execution of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi police force is turning a new page in their country’s history.

COL Michael Galloucis, commander of the Army’s 89th Military Police Brigade deployed in Iraq, is leading the effort instructing Iraqi police on democratic principles such as tolerance, restraint, forgiveness, free speech and the value of human life, as well as law enforcement skills. He and his unit are teaching Iraqi police “that nothing good ever comes out of hatred and murder.”

“They are making tremendous strides over here and are out there every day putting it all on the line to help turn the tide and stem the flow of violence that has been so prevalent here.”

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