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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One Old Green Bus

This post is way out of the norm for me as it has nothing to do with politics.

Everyday we scour the internet for information. People like myself, scour for issues in the political arena, which at times, can get somewhat overwhelming (for me anyway) and/or depressing depending on ones point of view.

One thing I do and I’m sure many of you do as well, is just search around for something interesting/entertaining/time wasting/whatever to mix it up a bit. While on one of my cybermeanders, I crossed paths with a non-political site entitled, “One Old Green Bus Blog.”

What is the “One Old Green Bus Blog?”

Well, I think the description at the site sums it up succinctly so I won’t mess with it:

“This blog is (more or less) about the attempts to acquire a dusty, old, double-decker bus...

The bus is a Regent Low Height (to be exact, RLH 3) in Santa Rosa, California... To purchase and ship it to our home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada will require a minimum of $20k in US dollars to achieve...

As goofy as it may seem, owning this old, dusty, non-running, needs a tonne of work bus would be a dream come true for our family.”

So, it’s just a dream…..a silly dream to some…..a pretty fun and cool project/dream to others (I’m in this category of the global community).

Why do I bring this up beyond the fact that the site and project is interesting to me? They, like most of us don’t have a spare $20k for the purchase and transport of such a vehicle. I’m also guessing this would not be your $20k purchase; but you’re you, I’m me and they’re them, so……….

The world is full of much more pressing issues, with this one not even on the radar; that said, this is a family project/dream for them and they are trying to come up with ways of pulling in the funds. One means of project revenue is their “CafĂ© Press shop for T-Shirts and shtuff!” (I know the correct spelling is “schteff,” but hey, they’re from Canadia : ))

They also have a “pixel ad” site set up, “HelpCoverTheBus.com” that you can have your graphic put on for $10, which will be online for two years.

I realize $10 is not nothin’ however, it can be. I am by far not overflowing with green (underflowing actually), but personally I think it’s a pretty cool project; that and I’m tired of the fact the bus has not been purchased yet (hey, they’re only up to $219 so far), and would really like to see posts regarding the process of restoration (that’s the good “pimp my bus” part). If nothing else show your support by visiting and/or linking to their site. Comments of course are welcome there (oh yeah they get the nasty comments too….BUT they’re not of the Ponzi family tree).

Visit “One Old Green Bus,” on occasion to see how it’s going and if you can help bump the $219 by buying a “Help Me Cover The Bus” pixel ad for $10. Thanks!


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