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Monday, March 26, 2007

Iran, One More Step to be taken and “We Can Talk” – British Illegal Entry into Iranian Waters

Back on February 28th of this year I posted regarding “Iran – When Can We Talk. I think that now with the taking of “hostages,” that by following the post suggestion we can now enter “real” negotiations with the Islamic Republic and speak in the language that its leadership understands.

For years now, the EU-3, UN et al have negotiated with Iran regarding their “peaceful” nuclear technology; of the problem resolution with which the UN and others are tasked, Mark Steyn said:

If you read the paper, you’ll notice that there are a handful of places that attract the attention of everybody who matters – the UN, EU, IAEA, NGOs, the full alphabet soup. You’ll further notice that, for the fellows pressing ahead with Iran’s nuclear program or mopping up the few remaining opportunities for mass murder in Darfur, attracting the attention of the planet’s A-listers seems to make not a jot of difference. The big shot acronyms hold meetings, and the crises they’re holding the meetings over trundle along pretty much on schedule.”

As it stands now, Iran has finally made a statement in the ongoing “negotiations,” that can and should be considered as one of their more substantive. In the long line of throwaway negotiations with which Western diplomats failed to hear “nuclear power is our right and we will not negotiate on this;” this move should be respected in the comedy that is looking at Iran as it is not and will not be through words.

According to the BBC (italics mine):

“BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera said officials in the Foreign Office were stepping up their efforts to free the sailors and marines.”

“But they acknowledged that negotiations with Iran can be both delicate and difficult.”

“Delicate and difficult,” is an understatement; negotiations are small talk leading to what we have today, which was nothing until this past Friday.

“Delicate,” is also representative of the approach taken toward Iran.

According to a quote in Time by Gen. Ali Reza Afshar regarding questioning and confessions by the sailors that this is an act of:

"aggression into the Islamic Republic of Iran's waters."

Time also quotes “Ahmad Bakhshaysh, a political analyst and professor in politics in Tehran's Allameh University,” as to whether this seizure by Iran is an attempt at a “prisoner swap”:

"Iran is not after retaliation regarding abduction of its diplomats. ... However, Iran will use this opportunity to show to the world public opinion that Britons were (the) invader and Iran was victim of the Westerners bullying policy."

Why we wish to continue to play into Tehrans plans I do not know, but time should be of the essence. Years have been wasted only to bring Iran closer to its goal. Thus far I would not blame the Iranian leadership as seeing the Western response as a sign of weakness….....it is.

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