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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

GREAT NEWS!!! Iran Agrees to Talks

It’s about time isn’t it? IRNA reports that according to Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani:

Iran welcomes correct and precise negotiations to settle ongoing disputes over its peaceful nuclear program.”

“"We have always welcomed precise and correct talks to resolve the nuclear issue but the opposite side has set conditions leading to suspension of negotiations.”

The head of the Iranian “negotiation” team will meet with EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

Further brightening the days ahead and the possibilities of resolution were these remarks from President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

"The West has made a mistake and it needs to correct its mistake, while the entire world knows well that Iran's nuclear activities are both legal, and legitimate and many European officials have emphasized this point in their talks with us."

"We are ready to enter talks in the presence of the press representatives, since we have a bad experience with talks behind closed doors."

One question then remains regarding the emphasis of many European officials; were these talks behind closed doors?

He added to his remarks that:

"The Iranian nation has learned in the course of its proud history how to defend its rights, but Iran does not like to take advantage of oil as a weapon, and does not wish the trend of developments to lead us that way, which is why the Iranian nation has turned the West's threats into opportunities."

This should give pause to consider the wisdom and historical lessons learned by the president. Not using oil as a weapon is commendable, so we must be thankful that Iran’s “peaceful nuclear” intentions are just that; “peaceful.”

Another promising statement of note was this from Admiral William J. Fallon, chief of the US Central Command:

"I am not interested in planning to attack Iran. I am very interested in trying to get the Iranians to come and start engaging in a meaningful dialogue."

Good to hear as this isn’t a military operation, but negotiation.

Reuters has reported that, “Iran’s unwavering defiance over its nuclear program has further dampened hopes of a breakthrough,” regarding this meeting of the “minds” on Wednesday. Reuters reported:

“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Reuters in an interview Monday the Islamic state would not accept any such "double suspension" and the government spokesman took a similar line Tuesday.”

Using terminology such as “defiance” is not a good starting point (or restarting point for the umpteenth time for that matter); no wonder we have gotten no where in our “negotiations” with Tehran.

In the end though, regardless of outcome at least we will all be talking. As said by Trita Parsi, a U.S.-based Iranian commentator:

‘“Both sides are in a lose-lose game. Both need to find a way out, so these meetings will likely continue precisely because the current approach really doesn't benefit any side.”’

I’m thinking that maybe the benefit to one of the sides wouldn’t really be a benefit to anyone else. One also may wonder whether Iran speaks from an entirely male/male point of view, while we’re kind of…I dunno.

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