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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Iran – Equal Opportunity Tehrrorist Regime – Sunni, Shia, Taliban, Latin America

In this post: Iranian weapons in Afghanistan; Ahmadinejad vows to cut off hands and Islamic fundamentalisms rise in Latin America.

As we breathlessly await some type of action on the Ilsamic Republic of Iran by the UN, EU and others, the radical militancy of that regime continues to spread throughout the world. Not only does Iran support both Shia and Sunni elements in Iraq, but it also supports the Taliban in Afghanistan:

U.S. forces recently intercepted Iranian-made weapons intended for Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, the Pentagon's top general said Tuesday, suggesting wider Iranian war involvement in the region.”

The Weapons discovered thus far include mortars and C-4, but no further information has been given as to other possible arms. It is not known at this time whether the weapons came directly from Iran or through a third party.

Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute said yesterday:

"Iran's leadership often strikes pragmatic relationships to further their influence at our expense.”

He did add though that:

“A lot of testimonials about Iranian assistance in Afghanistan are based more on wishful thinking than reality."

Wishful thinking or not it does make one wonder or at least ponder the possibility in a more serious manner when weapons manufactured in Iran are intercepted.

Mohammad Mohaddessin, chairman of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said Iranian Quds Force has been operating in Afghanistan over the past few years and added that the:

"Export of fundamentalism and terrorism to neighboring and Islamic countries has been one of the pillars of the clerical regime's foreign policy -- something that the Iranian resistance has warned about for the past two decades."

This should come as no surprise except to those most that refuse to believe that talking Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs down from the roof is possible.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while speaking at a military parade warned:

"Our army has a defensive mission and not an offensive one. But it is completely ready to confront any aggressor and cut off their hand. The army and armed forces must be more ready with each passing day."

Regarding attempts at sanctions and any resulting slowing down of the regime:

"They think that with sanctions on our weapons we would be paralyzed but we have succeeded in producing all we need in arms."

This is in part thanks to continued business dealings with the Islamic Republic by business’ within the European Union.

I would agree with Ahmadinejad that the people of Iran “hold out the hand of friendship,” to people in the world as I’m sure many don’t want much to do with the likes of their leadership. But one has to wonder where “Momo” is coming from and of course just how peaceful he is and just how peaceful their nuclear intentions are with statements like this (bold mine):

"Our people hold out the hand of friendship to all the peoples. We want friendly and just relations with all the peoples except the Zionist regime."

Hugo Chavez and Venezuela

According to an article at the Center for Security Policy today, a form of Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise in Latin America.

Hugo Chavez who vocally supports Iranian “peaceful nukes,” has close ties with a group called Hezbollah Venezuela and further to the south in Argentina with Hezbollah Argentina; which contains “radical rightists and populist elements” that both have close ties or relations with local Arab Shiites and the government in Iran.

Further ties point toward the Islamic Association of Argentina (AIA), which consists mostly of Shiite converts to Islam and cooperate closely with the Iranian Embassy. The group “celebrates the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, condemns the United Nations Security Council resolution that calls for sanctions against Iran, and is violently critical of Israel and the West.”

The AIA cooperates actively with another Argentinean group called “Quebracho” also known as the Patriotic Revolutionary Movement, which is based on “toxic anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism” and points their anger at “International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the United States, Japan, Israel, and Argentineans who are linked to these countries or organizations.

Ultimately, “Chávez's ability to reach out to the newly politicized marginal groups serves him to extend his power beyond his own border, and spread his "Bolivarianism" throughout the whole continent. This is undoubtedly a threat to the governments of Latin America, especially to those like Argentina that has chosen to befriend Chávez.”

He is playing with fire, just as Saddam Hussein did and likely would have more aggressively following the dropping of sanctions on his government.

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