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Monday, April 09, 2007

Iranian Nuclear Festival – Cotton Candy, Rides, Games – Family Fun

Celebrate Good Times….Come on!

Today Iran celebrated “peaceful nuclear” research and successes:

“The National Day of Nuclear Technology was celebrated this afternoon in an official ceremony in the presence of Ahmadinejad, a number of his cabinet members and MPs as well as ambassadors of foreign countries to Tehran.”

All this fun is taking place at the Natanz nuclear site in Iran.

The celebration marks the:

“anniversary of April 9, 2006 on which Iranian technician successfully produced enriched uranium to the level of 3.5 percent.”

Exciting news that Iran shares with Brazil the rank (according to IRNA) of eighth, following the 5 permanent members of the U.N. Security Council; as well as Germany and Japan.

President of the Islamic Republic at the celebrations said:

‘"From now on, Iran is placed in the category of the nations producing fuel at industrial level. As servant of the great nation, let me extend my felicitations on the success."’

Elsewhere on this great day of celebration Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Larijani said:

‘"The US has realized that today Iran is considered as the heart of world of Islam. Therefore, unity among Muslim Ummah endangers their interests.”’

‘"Nuclear fuel will be the most significant trade item in future and we need the relevant technology to secure our future independence.”’

‘"They are worried that Iran may develop the know-how to produce nuclear weapons in future, while in no international law is it possible to punish any individual or country prior to commitment of a crime.”’

‘"To end Europe's concerns over the issue, we are prepared to hold talks on the issue. But we will not discuss the nation's nuclear rights."’

Ultimately Secretary of Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Larijani believes:

“US unilateral measures have failed and its attempts to liberalize Islam and control the Middle East in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine have been fruitless.”

Thank goodness Iran is not too excited about their nuclear know-how and enrichment successes and of course that the nukes are for purposes of peace only…

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