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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gittin' Outta Gitmo!

The five-year-old military prison at Guantánamo Bay, with its indefinite detention rules, lack of judicial review and insufficiently regulated interrogation techniques, is an ugly stain on this country’s long tradition of respect for the rule of law and an endless propaganda bonanza for America’s enemies.”

An “endless propaganda bonanza” a category of which this editorial can appropriately be included. Do you get the impression the Times editorial board doesn’t care for Gitmo?

Gitmo lacks a “judicial review” that The Times approves of. Gitmo lacks a set of sufficiently “regulated interrogation techniques,” that can perhaps be televised on cable. Gitmo is an “ugly stain,” on this nation and is a piece of propaganda The Times has no more need of.

What is Gitmo and is it everything horrible The Times and others have disseminated? Where has “America’s enemies,” gotten its education on the “facts” surrounding Gitmo? "America's enemies" don't need facts, nor does our msm.

Senator Dianne Feinstein of CA has introduced legislation that The Times thinks quite highly of. Legislation that would:

begin moving most of the Guantánamo detainees back into the time-tested procedures of the normal American legal system.

The “time-tested procedures of the normal American legal system” that was not designed for this particular brand of “alleged criminal,” but little details like that don’t matter. A legal system that has never truly had to deal with a situation quite like the one we are now in the midst of, but the Times knows better and thanks to some legal system it imagines, the paper cannot fathom any other way of dealing with these poor unfortunates. Geneva should be upheld; ignoring what Geneva is.

Many of those held at Guantánamo may not be dangerous terrorists at all, but people scooped up on the battlefields of Afghanistan and elsewhere to be sorted out later.

Terrorists are people too and those scooped up on the battlefield may have had reason to be there. They do not need to be terrorists to warrant being picked from the battlefield to be held at Gitmo for sorting out later. What would The Times have the military do, sort them out there?

I don’t know all that much about Feinstein’s legislation, but I do know nothing can be fixed/tweaked/adjusted when it cannot be agreed upon what it is we have that needs fixing. The media, as usual plays its part in not actually reporting, but analyzing and of course analyzes incorrectly or in its biased manner. But hey, we wouldn’t want the real story would we?

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