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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ledeen on Iranian Nukes and Hostages for Peaceful Purposes

“Esfandiari has been accused of an additional crime: being married to a Jew. In the words of a website closely tied to President Ahmadinejad, Esfandiari is “married to Shaul Bakhash, a Jew, (and) is one of the leading figures in the international Zionist lobby planning the overthrow of the Iranian regime, including the Zionist regime’s plans to attack Iran.”’ – Michael Ledeen

Iran has a unique way of dealing with the West. The leadership there or Tehran Tehrrorists take hostages; in 1979 it was during the Iranian Revolution that 53 Americans were taken hostage. In the very recent past it was 15 British Navy and Royal Marines.”

Iran is doing what it does best; playing games that will gain it prestige in its part of the world. If it can convince enough people of its power at the way it tweaks the U.S.’ nose, continuing to flaunt and taunt as Iraq’s Saddam Hussein did; it will likely succeed in unifying the Islamic world under its leadership. As Majlis Speaker Gholan-AliHaddad-Adel stressed yesterday; “Islamic unity and coherence as the most important need of the Islamic world.”

According to Michael Ledeen at NRO:

"The Americans were taken hostage for the same reasons the regime has routinely taken foreign hostages from the first year of its existence: to resolve internal power struggles, to demonstrate to the Iranian people the hopelessness of their condition by directly challenging the infidels to do anything about the humiliation of their countrymen, and to impose their will on a Western world the mullahs view as feckless and paralyzed. When the American embassy was overrun in the fall of 1979, Khomeini famously proclaimed that the Americans “can’t do a thing,” and today the regime is trying to show that neither the Americans nor the Brits (five more of whom were taken hostage in the past couple of days) can do anything to challenge the mullahcracy."

Read it and heed it……

The U.S. is being challenged and not in just a chest thumping manner; we need to wake up. The media could help too I suppose, but as was weakly reported by Reuters and read in the NY Times, it was just a case of dual citizens being nabbed.

The game is much deeper than this and the only ones that seem to notice are the ones in Tehran; we’re too busy judging ourselves to bother to notice.

Did you know:

“the mullahs have launched a new wave of political repression against students, teachers, women, intellectuals and, most recently, scientists. The information ministry, a.k.a. the secret intelligence service, recently declared that any Iranian who attended overseas conferences would automatically fall under suspicion of cooperating with foreign-espionage operations.”

Voice of America has an article regarding the strange behavior; not as convincing to me as the Ledeen article; a bit tepid, with a hint of “no big deal” attached but of further interest nonetheless.

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