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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Which do you think is the worst case Iraq scenario?

Which do you think is the worst case Iraq scenario?

Iraq as a terror base 26% 1380 votes

U.S. troops there long-term 42% 2175 votes

Wider regional violence 32% 1683 votes

Total: 5238 votes

Pulling U.S. forces from Iraq could trigger catastrophe, CNN analysts and other observers warn, affecting not just Iraq but its neighbors in the Middle East, with far-reaching global implications.”

“Sectarian violence could erupt on a scale never seen before in Iraq if coalition troops leave before Iraq's security forces are ready. Supporters of al Qaeda could develop an international hub of terror from which to threaten the West. And the likely civil war could draw countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran into a broader conflict.”

Oh, I see…CNN says it’s so, so it’s finally so. The Bush Administration has been saying this very thing for years…yet, now… Where were these guys awhile ago?

But hey, no worries, Harry and the Hooligans have 42% of those that took the time to vote, that U.S. troops in Iraq for the long term would be the worst case Iraq scenario.

Keep ‘em comin’ Harry!!!

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