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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Why is the Hunt for Soldiers Pointless to Qaeda Group?

An article in The New York Times this morning said:

“The search for three missing American soldiers abducted after an attack south of Baghdad continued Monday as the Qaeda group that claimed responsibility for the ambush said the soldiers would never be found.”

According the group Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia:

‘“What you are doing searching for your soldiers will be in vain and lead to nothing but fatigue and unrest. Your soldiers are in our hands. If you desire safety do not look for them.”’

The Times article put forward the belief that:

“The statement suggested that the group was reveling in a manhunt that required a hefty deployment of resources.”

In its supposition, the toilet paper is perhaps painting or suggesting the statements of the group as “reveling,” because the toilet paper itself revels daily in its attempts at painting everything Iraq wrong; excepting deaths of course.

Where The Times sees revelry, others like me see the possibility that perhaps the Al Qaeda affiliates and militia groups working with them do not like the concentration of soldiers in the area.

Though many want Iraq to be about the biggest terrorist of them all, Bush and believe it is about WMDs, it is about much more. The New York Times and others report as though this ambush and the taking of the soldiers as a failure of our military, but mistakes, errors, mishaps, death and all the rest happen on a daily basis in war; this is nothing new.

Since Saturday’s ambush “4,000 American soldiers have been scouring the orchards;” prior to the ambush, 4,000 American soldiers were not. Leader of the Dulaimi tribe in Mahmudiya Sheik Ali al-Hatim said “Al Qaeda has been knocking on people’s doors and telling them that their sons between the ages of 20 and 30 must join their organization. He added to that, “Americans have detained at least 50 people in the search.

The article points to and supposes the upper hand to the enemy; as if this is a windfall for them. With the statements of al-Hatim you have to wonder how the concentrated presence of 4,000 soldiers is hampering Al Qaeda’s forced enlistment drive in the region. If the toilet paper could look beyond itself it might wonder the same; including how the Al Qaeda affiliate and militias feel about the 50 people detained thus far as that number will most definitely change.

The group cannot like any of those facts regardless of whether or not the toilet paper sees their statements as revelry in what The Times sees as a waste of time and resources.

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