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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Heritage Foundation Support Letter from Margaret Thatcher

Received a fund raising letter from The Heritage Foundation last night that included a letter from Margaret Thatcher and wanted to share it with those that may not have received it. It's inspiring and comes at a time when "we the people," the voice of the electorate is not being listened to.

The Heritage Foundation has done an awful lot for the Conservative cause; including the study that revealed the egregious sums of money that the "Shamnesty" bill will cost US!

Visit The Heritage Foundation and donate if you can; otherwise at least give the letter from the former prime minister of the UK a read while remembering what she and the late President Reagan did for the world.

From The Rt. Hon. The Baroness Thatcher, L.G., O.M., F.R.S.

It was great honour to be invited to become the Patron of The Heritage Foundation last year. Heritage’s president Ed Feulner and I first met during the Reagan years and found, almost immediately, that we shared the same goals of defending and extending freedom. Since then I have greatly admired all the work which Heritage has done and was delighted to become an official part of the organization.

The world owes an enormous debt of gratitude to Ronald Reagan. For his determination to rebuild America’s defences; for his insistence that communism should not simply be resisted, but rolled back; for his belief that the free world must respond swiftly and strongly to rogue threats; and for his staunch championing of individual freedom, both at home and abroad: for all these we, and future generations, can be grateful.

But President Reagan also reminded us of another great lesson, which so many others had forgotten or chosen to forget. He re-taught us the economic principles which underpin our prosperity. He knew that lower taxes and greater economic freedoms brought boundless opportunity and increased wealth. And he knew that helping people to help themselves was better than state planning and regulations. Today, the lessons we relearned in the 1980s are in peril. Once again, politicians talk of tax and spend policies, forgetting that it is your money they are taxing and your money they are spending. Such policies, far from building a land of opportunity create one of dependency. They would see the greatest economy in the world brought to a shuddering halt.

This is why I am happy to lend my name to Heritage’s work to preserve and to revivify the free market system in the United States. Heritage’s task will be to remind those who hold office, particularly those in Congress, of “what works” – and we know “what works” because we have Ronald Reagan’s example to guide us.

Steve Forbes has written at greater length to explain Heritage’s future priorities and the role you can play in making them happen. I hope you will join with us in this vital campaign to ensure that American and its people remain prosperous and free.
Visit The Heritage Foundation whenever you wish to read about the great works it does for Conservatism and remember that it is an ally in the fight for our nation.

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