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Thursday, June 28, 2007

T-Chirts, Get your T-shirts - Great Funny T's

Tchirts…is it pronounced t-shirts or t-chirts? I’ll go for the latter because it’s funnier. I’ve always loved unique t-shirts and have a few that aren’t so much unique since they’re mass produced, but they’re great especially since I have still to see someone else wearing one.

This place tchirts.com has some great stuff and you shouldn't have any trouble finding yourself a funny t-shirt. From the recently retired Bob Barker and “the price is wrong bitch! to the “your girlfriend, my girlfriendfunny T; you shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding one to suit your tastes.

Tchirts was initially begun and catered to the Hispanic and Latino population, however they are expanding and have offerings for us Gringos; which if you’re not don’t get too pissy if I include you in there and you don’t belong.

The Bob and Girlfriend chirts are actually from the Gringo Department. How about the “I’m not a Doctor, but I’ll take a look” T; hilarity sisters…Mr T and “I Got no time fo’ the Jibba-Jabba and “You say potato…” I’m not going there, so you’ll have to see for yourself this site has a G rating; damned funny though I’d wear it…the site is G, but not me.

Check out Tchirts.com, to find that funny T shirt you won’t see on everyone; you can take that as you will.

This has been a paid review of the site T-chirts, but don't let that dissuade you as they are awfully funny.

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