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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who Fires the First Shot?

Setting aside any discussion revolving around, this or that shot has already been fired if for no other reason than I would likely agree.

What do we do? Tony Blankley paints a bleak picture based upon the revelations he has arrived at following the reading of what to him is a “a deeply disheartening book;” "Journey into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization,” by Professor Akbar Ahmed.

The book basically comes to the conclusion that “moderate” Islam is in retreat and cannot do its part (whatever that is) in reforming the backwater, single digit century mindset of those that have been blanketed with propaganda for so long.

The previous description by the way is not even remotely in Professor Ahmeds words or thoughts, but in Blankley’s word the professors offers advice to those of us hoping for the “moderate” voice of Islam to assist and those of us that would like a little more aggression:

“To the first group he says that the "moderate" voice is in near hopeless retreat across the Muslim world. Don't count on them. To the second group he says, whatever Bush's intentions, our aggression only strengthens our enemies.”

Other the other hand, Michael Hirsh of Newsweek shares his second day diary entry regarding his trip to Iran; which is simply summed up this way:

Washington's drive toward regime change in Iran is only rallying the country around its radical president.”

What to do? I guess we just sit and wait, which would make many clueless ones happy and the more aggressive types extremely upset. While we’re waiting though I would suggest we do as much as we can to make Iran nervous; covertly and at times thump our chests back overtly.

It really sounds like a lose-lose situation. Another thought while we’re waiting and working things out might be to build-up militarily, though not to our breaking point and prepare to reply with everything we have when the time comes. Don’t doubt the time is coming.

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