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Monday, July 23, 2007

CNN/YouTube Debate and Political Vindication Roundtable

A Democrat Presidential Debate is scheduled for tonight on CNN. What makes this debate interesting, excluding the fact that the campaigning in the media began moments after we went to the polls last November, is something that many are aware of; that being the sponsorship of the debate by CNN and Youtube.

I cringe to contemplate faux sincerity from the candidates in response to a question asked by a “real live” previously recorded video of an American citizen. How this will improve upon the debates is anyone’s question, but one thing is for sure (maybe) that viewer ship should be up. In this day and age of internet and “reality show” fame many, like the Obama girl will jump at the opportunity to be seen and heard; although as with everything those selected will still be a small minority of those that submitted.

Politics these days has become more and more about image over substance. Mind you this is nothing new, but technology, savvy production, techo looking sets and the usual practiced lines of the candidates brings us nearer to the day when the truth is nowhere to be found.

Truth matters less and less these days it seems and one of the causes of it I fear is the info-tainment nature of the news media as it learns the ups and downs of what works to pull in the viewer for their version of truth. One of these days it may be difficult to discern whether we're watching a "debate" or the Super Bowl half time show.

On a brighter note, I will be viewing the debate with as open a mind as I can to prepare for my visit with the hosts of Political Vindication Radio and their Special Presentation tonight following the CNN/YouTube Democrat Debate.

Political Vindication Radio

invites you to join us in discussing

The CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate

“These are the times that try men’s souls”

Time: 8 pm Pacific

Place: BlogTalkRadio

Caller line: (646) 652 - 4598

A round table has been constructed to dissect this sordid event, attended by such political provocateurs as Frank and Shane and special guest Blandly Urbane.

All that is necessary for fools to succeed is that conservative bloggers do nothing.

Do something!

Call us!

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