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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The "Stymied" NY Times and Democrats

The NY Times editorial board is at it again with (italics mine)Stymied by G.O.P., Democrats Stop Debate on Iraq:”

After Senate Republicans yet again thwarted a proposal to withdraw American troops from Iraq,…”

Oh, wait…sorry, my bad…this colorful use of leading connotation is actually a “news” article. The article does however, have a nice and even-handed treatment of the debate with its “In Their Own Words: Comments from the Senate Floor” multi-media pop-up consisting of “words” from four Democrats and a Republican; so I guess we’re on balance there.

The Editorial board is just a bit more judgmental, even with their lack of contemplation on all the “news that isn’t fit to print.”

“The nation’s anguish over the Iraq war was kept on hold in the Senate yesterday as the Republican minority maintained serial threats of filibuster to buy time for President Bush’s aimless policies.”

Sadly for the nation and the paper an attempt to vote on something months before the agreed to Petreus report in September is now scheduled to take place when it actually was. A time when the realities of the report will still be ignored by the “old fart of a gray lady” and the Democrats. In Septembers time a pull-out probably won’t be appropriate, especially if things are improving, otherwise what is the point of anything we are doing, if not to try and see it succeed.

Cherry picking through the editorial like the Dems recently did with the NIE I offer a few “pie” worthy morsels. Beyond that, I cannot stomach much more of the arrogant ignorance.

Republicans are doing the public a real disservice and playing an increasingly risky hand by delaying sober consideration of the war.”

So, the board and Democrats are drinkers? The Democrats and board do not consider anything in sober terms and this editorial is example of the usual condescending vitriol the editors do best.

The Iraq war stands apart as a watershed issue — a downward spiral that the public increasingly sees as a colossal waste of the nation’s blood and treasure.”

This, thanks in no small part to the continual misleading hammering and one sided reporting from the MSM and Democrats.

In postponing real action to September and beyond, Republicans laughed off the all-night debate as a “slumber party” of “twilight zone” theatrics by the Democrats. In fact, Bush loyalists seem trapped in the twilight zone, ducking their responsibility to represent constituents by applying credible pressure on the president to come up with an end to his sorry war.”

“In postponing real action to September…” or postponing the “theatrical” debate and vote brought up two months earlier than agreed to when all agreed to Petraeus and the “surge” plan. The board, like the Democrat majority obviously takes part in the weekly conference calls with the likes of the MoveOn.orgers….pathetic.

The board speaks of a “ducking” of responsibility on the part of the Republicans as though the support they offer is only in deference to the president, while painting the “majority” as pushing a pullout as the only appropriate thing to do or some kind of selfless calling. Ignoring the “ducking” of responsibility of the majority and itself regarding the real on the ground realities of what the piece Iraq plays in the entire puzzle that is the greater war on terror.

Who is ducking responsibility?

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