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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Moore’s Sicko Has a Good Point

I have not seen Sicko, nor do I intend to, as a matter of fact I have never seen a Michael Moore film. That said in my defense I put forward the following theory as to why healthcare in Cuba, Canada and Europe has a one up on the U.S. system. I’m sure this point is not made in the film, but it deserves to be if it’s going to be honest.

A friend of mine left work early yesterday to have some work done on one of his eyes; what exactly the problem to be resolved is I am not sure, so I won’t be going into the science of it all. As I saw him in the hall he mentioned that he was taking off shortly for the work and I said or asked back, ‘won’t be in tomorrow?’ He said, ‘oh no, I will.’

The problem with his eye was very recently identified and this goes to the crux of my argument. Were he in Cuba, Canada or Europe he would be in the office today. Why? Were he in Cuba, Canada or Europe, the surgery appointment would have never been scheduled this early.

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