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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thoughts on Competition and The Journal from The Board

From the editorial board at The NY Times regarding the purchase of “The Journal:”

“When Americans are served by many different, responsible, competing news outlets, they can make more informed judgments.”

“The exodus of American news organizations from Iraq, for example, means more Times exclusives from the war zone, but Americans need and a healthy democracy demands as broad a view of the war as possible.”

This is very much the case as with few exceptions at the NY Times we have to receive its slanted dregs every day. Like this thoughtful article on the front page this morning, “In Fox News, Giuliani Finds a Friendly Stage,” versus say earlier front page articles this week on Hillary Clinton and Chelsea, “Two Liberal Wrongs do NOT Make a Right,” and “NY Times Loves Hillary Unbiasedly.”

In closing, the board hopes, but you know they have already made up their minds:

“The best way for Mr. Murdoch to protect his $5 billion investment is to protect The Journal’s editorial quality and integrity. That will mean continued high-quality competition for The Times and other news organizations. And that will be good news for all Americans.”

Let’s hope this acquisition is not just a further boogeyman to the “old gray lady” that thinks so highly of herself.

For much more detail on the acquisition visit Spree over at Wake up America, who has as usual outdone herself with all that is really fit to print, “Owner of Fox News Now Owns Wall Street Journal.”

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