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Thursday, September 06, 2007

As We Keep Saying; Reframing the Iraq Debate

Did you know that “the Balkans are at peace today through the joint efforts of the United States, the European Union and the United Nations?” Makes it sound like the EU and UN were on board from the get go, doesn’t it? In fairness, NATO does consist of EU nations, whatever an EU nation is.

The above is an example of success(?) that didn’t come to fruition overnight, nor is it perfected yet. We could go over the “reasons” we are in Iraq, but why cover it all over to make the point that statements like the above and “a similar strategy should have been part of our Iraq policy from the outset but has never been seriously attempted,” from former leaders in our country is some of the reason we are where we are in Iraq today.

Former Secretary of State, Madeline “Not so” Albright believes that a fundamental shift in sectarian divisions in Iraqwill not occur through Iraqi actions alone. Nor will it result from, “given America’s lack of leverage,…from our patrols, benchmarks, speeches or "surprise" presidential visits to Anbar province” either. “That leaves coordinated international assistance as the only option.”

Using materials likely drafted in mid-March for use in first July and now September, the former SecState has obviously reset her calendar along with the rest of the Democrats in this latest effort to “reframe the debate.”

The Bush Administration has not done a perfect job with Iraq, nor has it not dallied in diplomatic efforts at uniting the international community. There is no quick fix, nor is there any guarantee (by her own admission mind you) that a sweeping diplomatic push would work, it is not from lack of trying:

“A coordinated international effort could help Iraq by patrolling borders, aiding reconstruction, further training its army and police, and strengthening legislative and judicial institutions. It could also send a unified message to Iraq's sectarian leaders that a political power-sharing arrangement that recognizes majority rule and protects minority rights is the only solution and is also attainable.”

This “coordinated international effort,” according to the former Madame Secretary that:

“President Bush could do his part by admitting what the world knows -- that many prewar criticisms of the invasion were on target. Such an admission would be just the shock a serious diplomatic project would need. It would make it easier for European and Arab leaders to help, as their constituents are reluctant to bail out a president who still insists that he was right and they were wrong. Our troops face death every day; the least the president can do is face the truth.”

One thing the Democrats have not done is “faced any truth” out of Iraq; they’re not doing it now, nor apparently will they ever.

If we go down this “is such an initiative still viable? Perhaps” diplomatic surge, one wonders who might also assist in these “international efforts?” There are consultants out there that benefit financially from “diplomacy” out there in the world, one such is The Albright Group, LLC, which describes itself thusly:

“We are a unique team of international negotiators and seasoned diplomats, including two former Presidential Cabinet members. We have decades of combined experience managing multi-million dollar organizations with tens of thousands of employees.”

I guess in recent years business hasn’t been as forthcoming as it would have been during the 90’s, who messed with our "this is how we do business" plan.

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