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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Newt, Don’t Run; We Need Solutions!

National Review’s Editors don’t want Newt Gingrich to run for president with mentions of his lack of popularity and the consideration of a “toe to toe” race with Clinton. There are also:

“Legitimate reservations about his electability, his lack of executive experience, and his troubled tenure as Speaker would limit his appeal.”

I tend to agree if for no other reason than the further polarization in the nation that would visit us were he to run. Wholehearted agreement with the editors assessment that:

“The Republican party owes Newt Gingrich a big debt. It will benefit should GOP politicians borrow some of the initiatives that result from his latest project. But not if he runs for president.”

Newt Gingrich can do much more for the Conservative movement and this nation in the role he has filled for the past few years now, one project of which is this Saturday’s “Solutions Day,”

“This Saturday, over a dozen workshops will be held nationwide to tackle a range of issues, from tax reform and reducing bureaucracy to conservation and space policy. This effort perfectly fits Newt’s reputation for bold thinking and innovative policy ideas."

American Solutions for Winning the Future:

“We recently launched American Solutions for Winning the Future, a unique non-partisan organization designed to rise above traditional gridlocked partisanship, to provide real, significant solutions to the most important issues facing our country.

The breakthrough impact of this organization is driven by its powerful approach:

Broad scale engagement of elected officials and candidates of both parties at all levels of government, interested citizens, private sectors leaders, reporters, scholars and students.

Development of big, real, breakthrough solutions to the most important issues facing this country - education, energy, more effective homeland and national security, a new model of retirement savings, a renewed sense of American civilization and citizenship, creating efficient, information age government and more.

A process to educate, ignite collaboration and implement these solutions across all levels of government with widespread support from citizens.

If you think the current mess will be fixed by doing more of the same, this approach will not interest you.

If you agree with three principles:

1. Einstein: "Insanity is when you think that doing more of what you are already doing will lead to a different outcome."

2. Eisenhower: "When I can't solve a problem I always make it bigger until I can find a solution. I can never find a solution by trying to make it smaller."

3. "Real change requires real change."

That last is not the “change” we would get with turning back the Bush tax cuts either; that could be number four one supposes.

Visit SOLUTIONS DAY here and sign up for this weekend.

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