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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting with Rising Temperatures

According to CNN:

“The fear is that melting ice from Greenland and other Arctic areas could cause sea levels to rise enough to flood low-lying cities, such as Shanghai, China, and New York City, displacing millions of people in the process.”

Additionally, Dr. Konrad Steffen, climate scientist at the University of Colorado in Boulder:

“estimates sea levels could rise three feet over the next century.”

The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:

“estimates the sea level rise by 2100 could be as much as 1½ feet.”

3 millimeters a year is 0.984251 inches over 100 years

Quotes and Questions:

global sea levels have been rising at the rate of three millimeters per year since 1993.

What were global sea levels doing before that? Could you go way back too?

Greenland is losing 100 billion tons of ice each year, more than it is gaining from snowfall in the interior.

How much snowfall is there in the interior? Does the ice sheet gain or increase in other ways beyond snowfall?

The majority of scientists say greenhouse gases are the chief cause of global warming.

How much of the greenhouse gases are man-made?

The fact Greenland has warmed before leads some scientists to question how worried we should be about the current warming trend. Dr. Patrick Michaels, a climatologist, is part of a small group of climate change skeptics.”

What is a “climate change skeptic;” someone that doesn’t believe in temperature change and/or that they are static?

Dr. Steffen is a “climate scientist,” Dr. Zwally of NASA is a “climate scientist” while Dr. Michaels is a “climatologist;” what’s the difference? Regardless of difference, couldn’t you find a “climate scientist” instead of just a lowly sounding “climatologist?”

What’s this “small group of…skeptics?”

I wonder how much this years annual California fires are effecting the atmosphere and influencing global warming? It probably is, so we really shouldn’t have them anymore.

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