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Thursday, September 18, 2008

CNN Poll of Polls and An Article to go With it

It's not enough that CNN cherry picks their sources for their "tell-all" poll of polls, but is it too much to expect them to tell it straight, when they're telling it to you "straight?"

The "Poll of Polls" which began the day 47 to 45, inexplicably tweaked itself as it tends to do the majority of days during the week to 47 44.

This "Ticker" (the shining Leftwing example of CNN; if you ignore which stories they pursue and push) noted the two point difference, but golly that's not what the "poll of polls" shows. Do they just change it at their whim?

UPDATE: To answer; "Do they just change it at their whim?" YES!!!
Apologies for the misunderstanding. Reading the "article" in the top image regarding the "Poll of Polls" that sees Obama with a two (2) point lead is based on 6 Liberal sources (including CBS/NYT). This afternoons "story" uses four (4), which makes much more sense; we all know none of this makes any sense to CNN and the MSM, so it only follows that it is necessary that the sources are changed up to reflect the best.

It does ones heart well to see it all so blatantly; no more hiding. Have you taken a moment to read comments at one of the MSM sites? The majority that comment don't really much care for reality to begin with. It's a very nice home for them.

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