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Monday, May 21, 2007

In Support of Our Military - a Charity

My friend X at The Middle East Interest dropped me an e-mail, which brought my attention to a charity for our military in Iraq; Operation Bedding.

A worthy cause, “Operation Bedding,” which was initially set up by Mary Conboy in response to a request from her son, a Marine in Anbar Province Iraq, from Serendip:

“During a Sunday morning phone call from the Anbar province, he described staying 20 men per room in an old schoolhouse, packed into bunk beds in the scorching heat. The stench, he said, was overwhelming.”

Sheets, he, they, wanted sheets, clean sheets.

The Sunday call was placed a week before he was killed on Friday May 12, 2006.

Operation Bedding has since grown from a son's spontaneous quip to a mother's tribute to her fallen Marine. Mary Conboy runs a homespun charity effort from her backyard, sending troops in Iraq packages that contain everything from bedding to sweat socks to canned tuna.”
For more detail and how you can contribute visit Serendip’s post, “Marine’s last request inspires charity.”

Even the International Herald Tribune published an article on this.

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