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Thursday, June 07, 2007

All right, seal the border. Then what?

"All right, seal the border. Then what?" asks Lawrence Downes in The NY Times.

It seems Mr. Downes believes in the oversimplification of the Rights argument in the immigration debate as do so many others.

"Attrition is the restrictionists’ fallback plan, a wishful equation that with enough enforcement, mass deportation will happen by itself: Misery plus time equals no more illegals."
A few of the many wrong this with this approach according to Downes?:
"The price of this strategy is high — far more government intrusion into daily lives, with exponential increases in workplace raids, detentions and deportations; continual ID checks for everyone, citizen or not; immigration police at the federal, state, county and local levels; bureaucrats and snoops keeping an eye on landlords, renters, laborers, loiterers and everyone who uses government services or gets sick."
The evil Right and its idea of the law is reminiscent of the Soviet Union; a socialist state, in Downes mind whereas the "comprehensive reform" minded McCain and those following his and Tedward Kennedy's lead would:
"move decisively to extend a web of lawfulness over the shadow population, signing people up for visas, doing background checks, extracting fines and back taxes and imposing other conditions."
Decisively extending "a web of lawfulness" wouldn't incur any government intrusion, or workplace raids, bar codes on foreheads or any of the other scare tactic scenario Larry refers to would it?

An impression begins to develop that Downes doesn't much care for the Rights argument in the immigration reform debate; unless I'm just reading into it of course.

Any final words?
"Maybe this country can make undocumented life so miserable as to extinguish all hope in an immigrant’s heart. Maybe it can impose and enforce laws with such rigidity as to make America a beacon of hopelessness. But as an immigration policy, it’s hard not to see that as delusional. As an expression of American ideals, it’s repulsive."
Downes sits in his denial, of that there is no denying. One of those things he denies or ignores is that the biggest concern of most people is our governments intent to actually follow through on anything they vote on. His apocalyptic view of the Right will never be; not because it would be defeated, but because it is an overly emotional take on a subject that needs to be viewed logically as well.

Our biggest concern is business as usual and an elite ruling class that has no concern for what the people that put them there really want.

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