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Friday, June 08, 2007

Friday Sermon from Iran: Demise, Nuclear Peace and Israel

Speaking in an encore presentation to last Fridays Sermon from Iran, Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani said the direction of the nation under the leadership of the Supreme Leader is keeping within the guidelines as expressed by the late Imam Rouhollah oussavi Khomeini.

During the Friday Sermon, one of an seemingly endless parade of ceremonies marking the “18th Demise Anniversary of Khomeini;” he said:

“in revival of Mohamedan Islam in the world, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution is emphasizing on the need to abide by the authentic version of Islam, particularly the teaching of the glorious Quran and the Tradition of the Holy Prophet of Islam in a bid to strengthen the foundations of Islamic unity."

This is the continuing refrain these days, which refers to Iran as the leader in unifying all of Islam in the world. The Friday Prayer leader also spoke of the U.S’ intent regarding Iranian nuclear capabilities is “against Islam and its present day Umm-ul-Qura (motherland).”

The issue of the missile shield that has Russia’s Putin in a tizzy was addressed and in the words of Kashani; ‘"The Americans' real intention is military arrangement against the Russians and the Chinese."’

The effort to stoke further difficulties between the U.S., Russia and China in this blogs mind is further proof of the lies behind the peace the Tehran tehrrorists always talk about.


One should wonder when the Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel speaks out saying:

‘"Due to silence of international circles and support of certain foreign powers during years of occupation, the Zionist regime has adopted measures to change population structure of the city of divine religions and cradle of peace.”’

‘"It has resorted to racism and expansionist policies including expulsion of Palestinian people and construction of Jewish settlements and the separation wall. The regime has posed serious danger to everyday life of the Palestinians.”’

With these charges “he called on his Islamic counterparts to take a coordinated and serious measure in this regard. An end to the occupation of the holy land must take place.


Upon arrival at Tehran Mehrabad International Airport, Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Larijani spoke to reporters of the “precise steps” that need to be taken to “prevent adoption of a new resolution” by the UN Security Council.

Terming his recent negotiations with the EU as “acceptable,” adding ‘"we had numerous issues with the agency which were settled gradually. Minor issues still remain.”’

Obviously minor issues can be thorns to those that don’t wish to give, but only get what they want. In the words of Larijani:

‘"These minor issues have remained because of the IAEA's political behavior. In fact, the agency has discredited itself by sending Iran's nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council."’

So one of the “minor issues” is the IAEA doing its job, if only begrudgingly. The twists of the Iranian “logic” continue to amaze and should continue as an obvious danger to those that wish to pay it a little notice.

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