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Monday, June 25, 2007

Jumping at Iran’s Latest Offer?

The latest move in possibly allowing Iran further time to continue with its “peaceful” nuclear research has been made. According to the AP via The NY Times:

Iran has invited an International Atomic Energy Agency team to Tehran to work on clearing up suspicions about its nuclear program, an IAEA spokeswoman said Monday.”

A U.S. spokesperson, Tom Casey indicated that it was unlikely Iran would actually comply as they haven’t in the past. Those within the diplomatic community may very well look upon this a good news and under normal circumstances it probably would be.

In the Islamic Republic News Agency news of the invitation was reported thusly:

Iran has invited a team from the agency to Iran to resolve the outstanding issues over the national nuclear program.”

This olive branch will surely add to the minds of those in Iran and elsewhere that yet again Iran offers and as always is willing to talk; but what is the invited team going to be doing in Iran? Using the method of assumption, one would think it likely that they were going to “resolve the outstanding issues” regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

IRNA reports that Ali Larijani spoke with el-Baradei on “an action plan to resolve,” unanswered questions. Yet the AP piece states of the “invitation,” Larijani (italics mine):

“‘Invited the IAEA to send a team to Tehran to develop an action plan for resolving outstanding issues related to Iran's past nuclear program.'”

Where one would think Larijani and el-Baradei are going to be developing “an action plan” one would actually sees that the team invited, is being invited to Iran to “develop an action plan.”

Is this just a case of sloppy reporting and if so on whose part?

All the action is of the diplomatic kind that we have all become accustomed to, which has gotten one side of diplomacy (the West) nothing and Iran nothing but more time.

It has recently been reported that the “Iran strategy was being debated at the White House,” which pitted Secretary Rice and her State Department team against the remaining “hawks,” in VP Cheney’s office. The main point of contention was reported as being the “hawks” “pressing for greater consideration of military strikes.” The Iranian “let’s resolve this once and for all olive branch,” is likely just the nudge State needs to further back diplomatic discussions. Being diplomats though, I’m sure they realize it will actually result in nothing but more time for Iran.

Diplomacy is surely working toward its goal of reaching the cliff’s edge; the edge that leaves the world with a nuclear armed Iran. Diplomacy at its finest and most accomplished.

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