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Friday, June 01, 2007

The Police 30th Anniversary World Tour and a Two CD Release

Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers and Sting: The Police are back! The summer of 2007 marks the reunion of one of the premier bands of the late 70’s to early 80’s – The Police.

When I first heard these guys had gotten back together I thought, nope, not gonna happen, but it has. The last time I saw this band was at McGill University in Montreal, Canada back in 1982; an amazing show that included opening bands Corbeau, A Flock of Seagulls and The English Beat.

The Police are my absolute favorite band whom I worshiped from the moment I heard Outlandous d’Amour the first time shortly after its release; suffice it to say I was quite crushed when they called it quits; each album with the sound unique to it is a precision testament to the band’s musical cohesiveness, each release keeping me on edge anticipating the next.

To commemorate their 30th anniversary and The Police Worldwide Tour a new Police CD is being released. Each of the classic 28 tunes on the two CD set is ordered by album release, so you’ll listen to the songs as they were meant to be heard.

On the new Police CD, stand alone single release "Fallout" begins the session followed by cuts:


Outlandos d’Amour

Can’t Stand Losing You

Next to You


Truth Hits Everybody

Hole in My Life

So Lonely


Reggatta de Blanc

Message in a Bottle

Reggatta de Blanc

Bring on the Night

Walking on the Moon


Zenyatta Mondatta

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

Driven to Tears

Canary in a Coalmine

Do Do Do de da da Da

Voices Inside My Head


Ghost in the Machine

Invisible Sun

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Spirits in the Material World

Demolition Man



Every Breath You Take

Synchronicity I

Wrapped Around Your Finger

Walking in Your Footsteps

Synchronicity II

King of Pain

Murder by Numbers

Tea in the Sahara

Don’t pass up the opportunity of adding this to your Police collection; I won’t. Here’s to the possibility of a live release of their present tour – here’s to this tour never ending.

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