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Thursday, July 26, 2007

South Korean Hostages Held by Taliban Orts - "they do not pay attention!"

Of the 22 remaining South Korean hostages taken by the Taliban in Afghanistan Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf said:

“They are safe and alive,” and that the Afghanistan government, “has given us hope for a peaceful settlement of the issue.”

The “hope” he spoke of is a positive turn as 23 people had initially been taken hostage while on a 10 day relief mission and unfortunately one had to be shot dead yesterday because the Afghan government “had not responded positively to its demands,” which was to a demand of the release “of eight Taliban prisoners in exchange for eight Koreans.”

Another Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, complained of the government in Kabul:

“They do not pay attention and did not give a positive response, so that’s why we killed one Korean hostage.”

Chief Presidential Secretary for Security Policy Baek Jong-chun of South Korea furthered what will likely be observed as “non positive response,” by the “spokesman heavy” Taliban when he said:

"The Korean government clearly states that the organization responsible for the abduction will be held accountable for taking the life of a Korean citizen. The killing of an innocent citizen cannot be justified under any circumstance or for any reason, and any such inhumane act can not be tolerated"

Sadly, the Taliban lost its short hold on power that it had in the mid to late nineties, which has forced it to abuse, quash and make miserable fewer lives; wo is them.

The prospect of the possibility of snuffing the lives of the 22 remaining infidels must be of some solace to the Taliban members. Of comfort early on in the kidnapping episode to the Taliban members, internet users had “criticisms on the Christian community for aggressive proselytizing activities in Islamic countries,” also “local protestant churches were urged to think again about their aggressive evangelism after the news of hostages broke out last week.

Following the slaying, in cold blood, pointless murder of one of the hostages, Pastor Bae Hyung-kyu yesterday, other internet users began saying (one anyway):

"This is not the time to keep up criticisms when a person has been shot dead. Although these people could have been more careful, they were there with good intentions, and none of them deserves to be victimized this way."

It’s interesting to read of the pathetic stupidity of those that will put their own safety and life on the line in an effort to convince the “believers” that it isn’t so bad to be an “infidel.” Those that criticized the Christian missionaries do have a point that the hostages put themselves in harms way, “for endangering their safety, ignoring government warnings and not reporting to the local police while traveling from Kabul to Kandahar, the former stronghold of the Taliban. Surely it isn’t safe for Muslims in South Korea or the U.S. either to practice according to their beliefs.

So, I guess they had it coming.

Regardless of how the “negotiations” go, it would probably be a good idea to continue and/or increase a steady stream of 500 pound and larger “negotiators” into the mountainous regions where these once proud stiflers of life now reside.

Of "Hostage Games" Global Guerrillas asks and answers:

"The recent series of hostage dramas in Afghanistan poses the following question: what's the value of a hostage in 21st century warfare? Answer: an order of magnitude more than it was a decade ago (in contrast, the Iranian hostage drama and the Lebanon hostage crisis were outliers to the trend line driven by more by domestic US politics than any inherent system effects).

Here's why:

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