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Friday, August 24, 2007

The Bait Has Been Taken, Now Hook Him and Gut Him

From Jim Hoagland this morning in WAPO:

"Bush's appeal to Americans to turn away from "the allure of retreat" centered on the indisputably horrific consequences for the people of Vietnam and Cambodia of defeat in 1975. But his analogy also summons the historical reality that U.S. involvement in Indochina became untenable when that engagement itself became a threat to America's social fabric and national cohesion -- and then to the very institutions that had responsibility for the war, the U.S. military and intelligence services, as well as the presidency and Congress."
The msm and others that oppose our actions in Iraq, have nearly from day one referred to Iraq as Vietnam. Now that the President has mentioned that war and made an analogy the msm (critics) have pounced now that the bait has been taken.

I'm curious if anyone, like say a Hoagland could ever bring themselves to attempt a defense of the presidents analogy, would find that it is just as easy to do as attacking. Hoagland sees a mistake in the president speaking on the subject because now it's all fair game. Now the articles can come out that only continue to make negative comparisons to Vietnam. Now the one piece of Vietnam that has always nagged at the Democrats and media can sanctimoniously be acknowledged and we can get on with the business of inextricably tying the two as one.

If only defeat can take place in Iraq, all the revisionist history following Vietnam can rest more comfortably in the knowledge that the U.S. has yet another war it has lost that it should not have gotten into. A war that has spilled the blood of our military for no good reason.

Wake Up America brought the latest Michael Hirsh "piece" from Newsweek to our attention yesterday, with his "Why America's Pullout From Vietnam Worked, The truth behind Bush's mangling of Cold War history." Hoagland has his rewrite or perhaps more appropriately does his part with regard to the msm/Liberal agenda. They are all fighting back harder and less honestly following the slight bump apparently due to troublesome positives in Iraq and the O'Hanlon and Pollack "defection."

The time is now, trumpet the negative comparisons, ignore any positives, paint any analogies as "mangling" history bring it home for the victory they have all fought so hard for; Iraq/Vietnam Never Again! We have been right all along, see? Now listen to us because we know.

Some defenses of analogies the msm doesn't like, "Returning to Cambodia;" "Revisiting Kasserine Pass;" "Maroons Rush In;" and even "Bush Finally Sees Iraq as Being Like Vietnam."

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