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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Face Behind The Blog

Why would I do a meme, especially one I was not tagged with? I have no idea other than to share something of myself, which is something I don’t really care for doing; hence the failure thus far to follow through on “Eight Random Things About Me,” from Matthew at One Old Green Bus. I still think I’ll do it though…

This one probably jumped out at me in that it required very little and at this point I have really done more than is required. Perhaps it is because it is entitled “Face Behind the Blog,” and is as follows:

“Putting a face to the name of someone you haven’t met helps recognition and adds a more personal feel to your conversations.

What photograph shows you in a light we don’t often see through your blog?”

MyBlogLog meanderings brought me to Sarcasm Aside and the Face. Alternati, the blog author went with a picture from the past and seeing that I a couple of pictures that still exist from my past, I will do the same.

There are many faces to the blogs as there are many without; sometimes this DeMediacratic Nation does too, but rarely is it undoctored in some fashion.

This image is one of barely a handful of the same offering visual proof Blandly was ever a kid. I never went anywhere without Big Ben, but he went somewhere one day; where that was I have no clue.

Alternati said at the end:

“I am tagging anyone who
a. reads this, and
b. hasn't done this yet.”

I, on the other hand am tagging NO ONE, but keep it going if you feel like it and lemme know.

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