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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Finding a New World Order of Peaceful Coexistence: Peaceful Nukes

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the leader of that bastion of humane treatment told a press conference recently:

'"Wars, threats, insecurity, arms race and massacre of nations, spread of lies and rumors have drawn a gloomy prospects for the humanity."'
He added "that nations want to live together in peace and friendship enjoying equality, but, the ruling system has always been responsible for escalating tension."

Tired of "the ruling system" always being responsible for escalating tension, the leader would like Iran and other nations in the middle east region to be responsible for this.

As supporting evidence, the President of Iran also recently told visitors to the "Great Quranic program in the summer of Lunar year 1441:"
"A nation who has been inspired by teachings of the holy Quran shines in all fields including reconstruction, science, justice-seeking, sports, technology as well as efforts to establish divine values."

"The Iranian nation is among the nations seeking justice in the world."
Iranian Islamic justice, just what the world needs.

Ahmadinejad also said today that Iran stands prepared to fill the power vacuum in Iraq, Debbie at Right Truth says he's right and questions what the U.S. is going to do about that unpleasantness.

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