"How did it come to pass that an opposition's measure of a president's foreign policy was all or nothing, success or "failure"? The answer is that the political absolutism now normal in Washington arrived at the moment--Nov. 7, 2000--that our politics subordinated even a war against terror to seizing the office of the presidency." - Daniel Henninger - WSJ 11/18/05
"the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts." - George Orwell

Friday, August 03, 2007

“I deserve what you Americans have, but won’t ever become like you to get it.”

Victor Davis Hanson at NRO this morning has some eye-opening and thought provoking words regarding the latest “Pew poll of June 2007.”

The popularity poll consists of what the world thinks of the U.S.:

“No doubt when the Bush administration leaves office, and should a Democratic one replace it, our approval ratings will rise with our present detractors. But they may also decline among our friends who will learn that U.S. open markets, free trade, and reliable military support in times of crisis are now objects of left-wing criticism. Note in this regard that world opinion toward both China and Russia is turning unfavorable. That distrust will only increase as both begin to flex their muscles — the former gobbling up oil contracts from the most murderous regimes, the latter selling the same rogues anything they need to foment unrest.”

After reading the essay, give some serious thought to the final paragraph, not just for the sake of tit for tat, but perhaps just to let them all know that we don’t think so highly of them very often either. Isolationism isn’t the answer, but they wouldn’t care much for the ways of the world without us.

In that regard, such polls continue to be mostly one-sided. What we need now are new comprehensive surveys of what Americans themselves think of the United Nations, the Islamic world, and Western Europe — so that they can try to square the results with our present foreign policy of aid, friendship, or military assistance to those who apparently don’t want or appreciate what they receive.

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