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Monday, September 17, 2007

“Helping the Poor, Saving the Environment, Fighting Crime and Confronting New Dangers”

An interesting piece on Dr. Mohamed El Baradei appears in The NY Times today:

“Dr. ElBaradei, who is 65, seems unfazed, even energized, by all the dissent. He alludes to a sense of destiny that has pressed him into the role of world peacemaker. He has called those who advocate war against Iran “crazies,” and in two long recent interviews described himself as a “secular pope” whose mission is to “make sure, frankly, that we do not end up killing each other.”

Those that advocate “war” and seemingly anything that actually gets in the way of Iran’s quest for “peaceful nukes,” could be deemed “crazy.” Anything other than negotiated agreements is going against the grain of the common understanding that Iran can be negotiated with because they like everyone want stability in the region. This I am sure somewhere in time is true; in the meantime and for the foreseeable future however, murder, terrorism, mayhem, rhetoric and instability is the conscious tactic of choice.

Day in, day out they spout. For decades Iran has been working toward bringing the U.S. hegemon down. In the mid-nineties they began their nuclear research; purchasing various supplies from Russia. Hiring physicists from the broken USSR, digging in and building their nuclear backbone that has allowed them to reach the point that they are at now.

Despite Iran’s long history of nuclear deception, Dr. ElBaradei’s supporters cite his vindication on Iraq — no evidence of an active Iraqi nuclear program has been found — as reason to listen to him now.

“He could have saved us a disastrous war if we had paid attention to him,” said Thomas M. Franck, an international law professor emeritus at New York University Law School.”

This “disastrous war” is in part to draw a wedge in the region. This “disastrous war” is one of the things we have going for us with this Iranian situation.

Many of those that do not support El Baradei and his failed efforts is best represented by this, from John Bolton:

“He’s naïve and idiosyncratic and that amounts to being dangerous. His argument for years was that he could talk Iran out of being a nuclear threat. Then it was, ‘O.K., we’ll just let them experiment.’ Now it’s, ‘you’re never going to get them to give up.’”

In May, following VP Cheney’s statement from an aircraft carrier of the Iranian coast that the U.S. was prepared to use naval power to prevent Iran from ‘“gaining nuclear weapons and dominating this region,”’ El Baradei offered this matter of fact quip:

“The fact of the matter is that one of the purposes of suspension — keeping them from getting the knowledge — has been overtaken by events.”

Which at the time, DeMediacratic Nation noted:

“Missing from El Baradei is any sense of irony that he and his cohorts are the very ones responsible for the events outpacing talks.”

The international community, whether represented by the U.N. or not may be starting to see things differently as Iran closes in on what is beginning to appear inevitable; yet this is still not enough. In June Germany’s Defense Minister said of Iran’s nuclear efforts:

Iran should be allowed to enrich uranium for power generation provided there is close monitoring by U.N. inspectors to ensure it is not trying to develop atomic weapons.”

Inspection and negotiations has gained nothing, but more time and the furthering of the Iranian “peaceful nuke” program. Agreements made, whether made will be more advantageous for Iran as the Momo and the Mullahs would not allow for anything less; however, agreements would likely not be honored by them.

The past 30 years has seen the patient implementation of the Islamic Republic’s aim toward domination of the region. Following the Gulf War their nuclear program began after they surmised Hussein would not have had to leave Kuwait had he had nuclear weapons.

From Presidents Carter to President W. Bush, administrations have failed to take Iran to task and have had failed Iran policies. El Baradei is the self-anointed “secular pope,” that will bring us all back from the edge but it not be before the edge the great negotiator is bringing us back from is a good many miles behind us, with no ground underneath.

Continuing on as we are will not prevent Iran from success. It’s time the threats of economic pressure were brought to bear by all on the Islamic Republic to bring its leadership down. No more money to play with after a time, so no more financial support for the terror groups under its direction eventually.

Knowing what is what and having knowledge of the truth is difficult enough these days, in part due to the media’s naïve flair for missing the real story. If the international community does not get its act together and work in unison along the economic and sanctions line; one tactic will remain (if it isn’t already too late) and that will be military. At that point all the previous history of our difficulties with Iran will be wiped clean; the media will conveniently forget any of the nastiness of the regime that it once may have known. The bad guy will then be whoever takes that step and truth will further slip from our grasp.

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