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Thursday, January 26, 2006

US Border flare-ups - Undocumented? Illegal Day-laborers

I thought it might be interesting to touch on a few things that have taken place recently and in the recent past.

We've got a a Texas border sheriff dealing with "day-laborers" of a different stripe, calling on the U.S. and Mexican governments to investigate "heavily armed drug escorts dressed in Mexican military uniforms."

Arizona Central through the AP reports that "Mexico will suspend its plan to distribute maps to migrants wanting to cross the U.S. border illegally, but an official said Thursday the decision was not made because of American pressure.

Miguel Angel Paredes, spokesman for the federal Human Rights Commission, said the decision was made because human rights officials in border states expressed concern that the maps would show anti-immigrant groups where migrants likely would gather."

I thought it appropriate the second paragraph be reworded : Miguel Angel Paredes, SPOKESPERSON for the federal Human Rights Commission, said the decision was made because human rights officials in border-states expressed concern that the maps would show ANTI-ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT groups where ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS likely would gather.

Roughly six or so months ago (roughly and or so are kind of the same thing, no?), the Boston Globe turned us on to the story of an Arizona ranch being handed over to two illegal immigrants caught in the crosshairs of a situation brought upon themselves by their own actions, by pissed off ranchers . The armed group accused had a civil lawsuit brought against them for "terrorizing illegal immigrants," Edwin Alfredo Mancia Gonzales and Fatima del Socorro Leiva Medina. as the ordeal had left them with post-traumatic stress.

The same happenstance brought us this from the NY Times via the Arizona Republic (I guess Arizona writers weren’t aware of the border’s location).

In the lawless border area of the American desert southwest, swirling sun-fired wind brings dust about ones eyes reminiscent of a scene from a Sergio Leone film starring Clint Eastwood. “Spent shells litter the ground at what is left of the firing range, and camouflage outfits still hang in a storeroom. Just a few months ago, this ranch was known as Camp Thunderbird, the headquarters of a paramilitary group that vowed to use force to keep illegal immigrants from sneaking across the border from Mexico”

Apparently they were given cookies, water and blankets after being pistol whipped, for their troubles.

In defense of Minutemen on the border last year came a piece by a Tucson writer in the WSJ opinion pages, since they were getting a raw deal from the MSM, as well as the President.

And finally, we have some assistance for "illegal immigrants" in their transition to "migrants" to "undocumented workers" and finally "Day-laborers."

Undocumented immigrants” or more correctly illegal immigrants have found a voice at the Washington Post in a humanizing effort. I didn’t realize these were real human beings that love, live and have families that they care about.


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