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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Large blast destroys Shiite shrine - Conflict in Iraq - MSNBC.com

Large blast destroys Shiite shrine - Conflict in Iraq - MSNBC.com

I'm glad we left so many of the mosques intact for them. If they keep it up there will be a few less off-limits targets for the military.

Quite a crass way to look at it and I apologize, however, you have to look for the positive.

Here is some good news: "Shiite leaders called for calm," not that it did any good.

"Sunni politician, Tariq al-Hashimi, urged clerics and politicians to calm the situation “before it spins out of control.”'

"Demonstrators then gathered near the shrine, waving Iraqi flags, Shiite religious banners and copies of the Muslim holy book, the Quran." and didn't kill anyone.

"This criminal act aims at igniting civil strife,” said Mahmoud al-Samarie, a 28-year-old builder. “We demand an investigation so that the criminals who did this be punished."

This is ultimately an attempt, as noted in the story to incite a civil war. If cooler heads prevail they'll make it. At least there are cooler heads and those on both sides condemning this activity. This isn't pretty, but more on the way


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