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Monday, February 13, 2006

Paul Marshall on Cartoon Jihad on National Review Online

Paul Marshall on Cartoon Jihadon National Review Online

According to the author one of the misconceptions regarding the reason for the Ink-quisition is one that we all have likely heard, "Islam forbids any visual portrayal of Mohammed; another is that such depictions of Mohammed are extremely unusual."

I've have certainly read/heard it and certainly consider it one of the myriad reasons. Ultimately this is all going on due to a manipulation of the masses. Masses that believe or buy into the "portrayal" tradition. But, Islam is like any other religion that has multiple sects, i.e. Sunni, Shia etc. I haven't previously considered this facet, but it follows logic.

"There is a strong tradition within Islam that making portraits of Mohammed is wrong, but it is by no means universal. Some, especially Shiites, believe it is legitimate. Others believe that it is legitimate to portray him when he was young, before becoming a prophet." And Despite its rulers' current fulminations, Iran itself is full of pictures of Mohammed."

I still sure would like to see a little more vocal opposition to this ludicrously violent reaction to these protests, but the knowledge passed on by the piece work for now.

Very worth a read.


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