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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Supreme Court to Consider Law Banning 'Late-Term' Abortions

Supreme Court to Consider Law Banning 'Late-Term' Abortions: "The Supreme Court, stocked with two new conservative justices, " Oooooooooooooohhh.

"The changed makeup of the court was on the minds of both sides of the abortion issue today." According to Planned Parenthood it's issue with the law is “among other things, the ban does not protect women's health,"” and “judges far outside the mainstream are nominated and confirmed to public office by anti-choice politicians, women's health and safety are put in danger.”

What are some of the "among other things?" What is the "mainstream?" "How are women's health and safety" in danger?" I wouldn't mind answers to these questions and with non political rhetoric please.

According to the paper, '"the Partial birth abortion act defines it as one which, the person performing the abortion deliberately and intentionally delivers a living fetus" that is at least partially outside the body of the mother and then "kills the partially delivered living fetus."'

Why don't we get a little more detail here? I've heard a few examples, one being that the child is delivered head first and it's brain is removed/sucked out, thereby killing it. This sounds like this get to the same result. How many different ways are there to perform an abortion of this type? If this is defined as late term abortion, when does a fetus get to be called/considered something other than fetus?

This procedure sounds horrible and I wouldn't imagine it would be undertaken unless the woman had serious health risks, is this the case? The story said, that even though illegal and that a physician can receive two years in prison for this; it does say that “under some circumstances, it allows the performing physician to argue as a defense that the abortion was necessary to save the life of the mother but it contains no general exception for the health of the mother.”

If, the law allows for this, what is the problem? Is it that it "contains no general exception?" Would we really allow a woman/person to die in a case that might arise? What are "under some circumstances?

What exactly does that mean? What are some examples? When has a late term abortion been denied when a woman’s health was in question?

I just wonder what is truly of concern here for supporters of "partial birth abortion." I have the feeling that it is not so much this procedure as much as the precedent that upholding the law would do for the revered roe v wade.


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