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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

CNN.com - Rumsfeld: Situation in Iraq 'exaggerated' by media - Mar 7, 2006

CNN.com - Rumsfeld: Situation in Iraq 'exaggerated' by media - Mar 7, 2006: "'From what I've seen thus far, much of the reporting in the U.S. and abroad has exaggerated the situation, according to General Casey,' Rumsfeld said. 'The number of attacks on mosques, as he pointed out, had been exaggerated. The number of Iraqi deaths had been exaggerated.'"

Hey, one can never know (I don't know that this is true), but is he trying to say it's possible the msm can be misled? Hhmmm.....Dan Rather comes to mind.

'"Interestingly, all of the exaggerations seem to be on one side," he said. "It isn't as though there simply have been a series of random errors on both sides of issues. On the contrary, the steady stream of errors all seem to be of a nature to inflame the situation and to give heart to the terrorists and to discourage those who hope for success in Iraq."'

24 hour news cycles I would think tend to do that; like in the mines a few months ago, one minute only one died, later we here that only one survived.

The press is too hungry in their competition to miss being the first out with this or that. Pair that with their leftward ideological slant; and anything that makes the U.S (Bush) look bad is a plus.

It also appears that Iran isn't playing nicely (gee that's the first I've heard of it), according to Rumsfeld, "Iran was sending "Iranian Quds-force type people," or a division of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, into Iraq.
"They're currently putting people into Iraq to do things that are harmful to the future of Iraq," he said. "And we know it. And it is something that they, I think, will look back on as having been an error in judgment."'

Kind of makes you wonder what is so "peaceful" about their nuke R&D, which of course consists of uranium enrichment. Hope the U.N. hurries up with this one.


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