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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

College paper's editor fired over Mohammed cartoons

"An editor who chose to publish caricatures of Prophet Mohammed in the University of Illinois' student-run newspaper last month has been fired, the paper's publisher announced Tuesday."

"Acton H. Gorton was suspended, with pay, from The Daily Illini days after the Feb. 9 publication of the cartoons, which sparked Muslim protests around the world after they first appeared in a Danish newspaper." (See this for previous post regarding this school newspaper).

According to the board of directors, the dismissal was due to Gorton not following Illini's policies of thoughtful discussion of subjects like this. Personally, I doubt he would have been fired had it not been this subject. If discussed would they have allowed the publication? Probably not, but they don't have any problem publishing this type of thing: "Osama bin Domino's Pizza"


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