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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Larijani: West's threat against Iran's nuclear issue, int'l anarchy - Irna

Larijani: West's threat against Iran's nuclear issue, int'l anarchy - Irna

Iran and Russia are on their third round of talks regarding uranium enrichment. Russia seeks to have the enrichment take place on Russian territory, Iran wants it in Iran and Russia.

I'm still having a little difficulty with this translation - Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Larijani said, "We are prepared to answer all questions under any condition and believe that suspension of uranium enrichment can be effected once any dangerous step is taken. Given there is no risk in Iran's nuclear program, there is no reason to suspend the process."

Is he saying; "yes we will suspend uranium enrichment as we enrich uranium?"

He also said to the effect, "the US is quite strict about Iran's access to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and has a hostile approach."

This is mistaken, the U.S. has no issue with Irans "nuclear technology for peaceful purposes," it is the non-peaceful purposes we and others are concerned with. That and that it is highly unlikely any peaceful purposes are truly intended; other than that which is necessary to appear to be working on "peaceful nukes."

And of course there is always this promise, which I'm sure we can trust them to keep, "Iran's stance is crystal clear and has been explained to the Russian side several times. Research and enrichment are among the issues in Iran's nuclear case on which no bargaining and negotiation are allowed."


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