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Friday, March 24, 2006

Secret Iraqi Documents release - bits and pieces at least

"Each passing day efforts to reveal the extent of the history of Hussein's Iraq become more and more difficult as misinformation streams through the internet."

Now that the government is finally releasing documents gathered after the fall of Saddam Husseins regime in Iraq we can get down to the business of connecting some of the dots. Documents released thus far point to an Iraqi connection between the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf in the Phillipines, you may remember them from a few years back when they kidnapped 20 people including three Americans.

Dan Darling of the Weekly Standard, covered documents that further describe the brutality of the Hussein regime the other day. Some of which discusses the reality that Hussein did not return all Kuwaiti prisoners taken during the first gulf war. Also covered are memos regarding the approval for use of wmd
to attack Kurdish guerrilla bases in the late 80's.

Opinionnation Times posted yesterday regarding French connections that reveal interest in the "mechanics and legalities of financial contributions to French politicians." We musn't forget our friends the French. Also mentioned is that of an official representative of Saddam Hussein's government meeting with "Osama bin Laden in Sudan on February 19, 1995 after approval by Saddam Hussein."

As always, we need to remember that these documents are not the end all and that they will not answer everything. What they should do however is force some people to look at the reality they have ignored these past years. You know, the people that believe their own alternate reality.

Question, how much will we really hear about this stuff in the msm? I waiting for the remark, "we already knew Hussein was a brutal dictator, but...."

More on the run-up and discussions of Iraqi documents here, here and here.


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